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Xbox: Microsoft reveals number of consoles in the world and admits defeat to PlayStation

News hardware Xbox: Microsoft reveals number of consoles in the world and admits defeat to PlayStation

In a filing aimed at convincing the UK government to validate the Activision-Blizzard takeover, Microsoft has revealed some interesting details that have been kept secret until now… such as the Xbox console fleet around the globe.

63 million Xboxes on earth

Before Microsoft buys Activision-Blizzard, they must first convince the various governments to validate the purchase : To do this, the Redmond company must prove that there will be no monopoly situation or unfair competition once the publisher is absorbed. If Brazil and others have already given the green light, this is not yet the case for the CMA, the UK regulatory authority, which has proved more difficult to persuade.

Microsoft therefore sent him a 38-page document demonstrating why, in his opinion, the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard should be approved. And among the arguments, some very interesting details are revealed, such as the number of Xbox machines installed around the world: the console fleet therefore amounted to 63.7 million Xboxes in 2021.

On the other hand, we don’t really know what is counted in this data: we can say in advance that the first Xbox and Xbox 360 do not count and that we are therefore talking about consoles that are still “active”. Likewise, the PC or cloud is not included in these statistics.

Sony and Nintendo are leading the race

To show that the acquisition of Activision-Blizzard would not be so bad for the market, Microsoft admits weakness in the famous document: PlayStation is like this “ahead of Xbox in all relevant measures”says the American giant. Here is his exact statement:

Sony is the market leader in consoles and has been for over 20 years. Its PlayStation platform is ahead of Xbox in every relevant metric (as is Nintendo).

PlayStation’s installed base of consoles (151.4 million in 2021) is more than double that of Xbox (63.7 million in 2021).

According to Microsoft, the PlayStation park is therefore 151.4 million consoles. But again, this data seems mysterious: Sony has confirmed itself that 117.1 million PS4s were sold in 2021, as well as 17.3 million PS5s.

When these numbers are combined, there are therefore approximately 17 million consoles left… without us knowing which one we’re talking about. So does Microsoft have PlayStation VR, PlaySation Vita, or even a certain number of PS3s? Mystery.

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