Xbox Series S is at a reduced price, how not to fall for the Microsoft console?

This is very good news! On Cdiscount, the Xbox Series S console appears in stock and, above all, at a low price. Thanks to a discount that won’t last, you can order it for just 279.99 euros.

As Christmas approaches, many people ask for a games console as a gift. Although the PS5 is very rare and hard to come by, the Xbox Series S, the 100% digital Xbox, is in stock! At Cdiscount it is possible to order it while saving money.

Normally sold for 299.99 euros, it is offered for 279.99 euros, or 20 euros in savings on an ultra popular console.

The Xbox Series S appears at less than 280 euros

Xbox Series S is the little sister of Xbox Series X. This 100% digital console gives access to a huge digital library and plays games like Minecraft, Forza Horizon 5 or Halo Infine. The Xbox Series S gets a custom SSD that allows games to load much faster. This console offers a gaming experience of up to 120 frames per second. With the Quick Resume feature, it’s possible to easily switch between multiple games and pick up where you left off. This Microsoft-signed console is equipped with AMD’s Zen 2 and RDNA architectures. DirectX ray tracing provides realistic lighting, shadows and reflections to create vivid, dynamic worlds. This console supports 3D spatial sound and Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision technologies. For a limited time, the console is being sold on promotion at Cdiscount.

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