Xbox Series X: we finally found the Microsoft console in stock on this famous site

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You no longer hoped that Microsoft’s Xbox Series X would return to stock, and you had gotten used to the idea that you still had to wait a while before you were the happy owners. This termination is quite logical when you know that the latest generation home console from Microsoft has been a victim of its own success since its release just over 2 years ago. However, you may have the opportunity to acquire Microsoft’s star console, because the Xbox Series X is back in stock at Cdiscount at a price of 549.99 euros in a package with another controller. That’s quite a reasonable price, albeit a bit higher than its usual market price for the crowd-pleasing console. Especially since you can pay your order in 4 instalments. Be careful though! It is strongly advised not to wait too long to crack, the little pearl of technology from Microsoft is in very limited quantity on the website of the American e-commerce giant. As of this writing, there are only 6 copies of the Xbox Series X left in stock. Might as well warn you that they can leave very quickly.

Xbox Series X: Grab the console quickly at Cdiscount

Like its Series S counterpart, the Xbox Series X focuses as much as possible on the user experience and seeks to make all your gaming sessions as immersive as possible. Its AMD Zen 2 octa-core processor clocked at 3.8 GHz, its 16 GB of RAM and its 1 TB SSD with a proprietary expansion slot run all your favorite games without delays or crashes, even the latest and particularly resource-intensive ones, so you can really go over in history. Microsoft’s latest generation console is also capable of rendering all your games in 4K at 60 fps or in 8K at 120 fps thanks to its 12 teraflop AMD graphics engine. Upon arrival, images with strikingly realistic detail. This is all the more true as the Xbox Series X integrates ray-tracing technology, which allows for realistic lighting, accurate reflections, for more realistic environments in compatible games. Last but not least, Microsoft’s console is 100% backwards compatible, allowing you to play all your old Xbox games, even those from the very first version of the console, for moments of pure nostalgia.

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