Xbox success: a new medal system like on PS4 presented to Microsoft | Xbox One

Regardless of the medium, success systems in video games have become essential in the industry, whether you are a success hunter or a simple player by unlocking according to your games. The medal system established by PlayStation has become as legendary as Xbox achievements and Gamerscore, but it seems Sony’s influence is at the heart of a new proposal submitted to Microsoft.

A new Xbox achievement system inspired by “PS4” medals?

It was during Microsoft’s annual Hackathon that various developers and other designers came together to develop new ideas for the Microsoft ecosystem. This competition aims to give birth to innovative ideas and create emulation among the participants.

Last year, it was a technical assistance application to help a loved one at a distance that was selected and won the 2021 award. This year, more than 68,000 participants tried their luck at offering more than 10,000 inventions in what Microsoft describes as “the world’s largest private hackathon”.

It was our dear Jez Corden who highlighted various innovations in an article published on Windows Central, but there is one that stands out in particular, it is Xbox Achievements 3.0.

It was a team of designers and developers at Microsoft who decided to create a new performance system that would not replace Gamerscore, but complement it. Xbox Achievements 3.0 would be based around bronze, silver and gold trophies (not unlike PlayStation’s system) with different achievements per title.

This concept presented for Hackathon 2022 also allows us to see that the Xbox Medals will be presented on your Xbox profile via the console, website or application, allowing to better highlight your achievements.

As Corden explains in his article, it is almost impossible for this project to realize one day, but it shows a certain desire for renewal in this Xbox success system, which has not evolved a bit since its creation. This shows that even within Microsoft’s internal teams, the subject of renewal of successes is starting to be raised, and the public has already asked for the system to evolve, as Sony or Steam have been able to do for the time being.

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