your smartphone will soon be able to connect directly to the satellite network

SpaceX could provide “full and seamless” direct-dial phone services across much of the globe by allowing smartphones to connect directly to its Starlink satellite network.

Credit: dutourdumonde / 123RF

This week, the Elon Musk-led space company filed an application with the FCC to equip 2,016 of its second-generation Starlink satellites with a supposed “ directly to cellular transmission system “Who could Send data directly to phones in areas without traditional cellular coverage.

In August, SpaceX announced a partnership with T-Mobile to use low-Earth orbit satellites to serve the operator’s customers on Earth, and the goal is now to leverage the Starlink network to strengthen the coverage of T – Mobile in the United States, especially in rural and remote areas where the cell signal is weak or non-existent.

Starlink may soon remove white areas

Until now, users have to have all the necessary equipment to connect to the Internet network via Starlink satellites, that is, a large antenna for almost 450 euros that acts as a router. But thanks to the second generation of its satellites, SpaceX intends to allow smartphones to connect directly to its satellites.

SpaceX says its Starlink satellites could one day deliver voice, messaging and Internet browsing data at “theoretical” speeds of 18.3 Mbps and 7.2 Mbps download and upload, respectively, and deliver ” complete and continuous coverage of the Earth “.

Unlike emergency calls at Apple, which, as their name suggests, only allow the iPhone 14s to make calls in the event of an accident, SpaceX’s strategy should start with SMS services in beta by the end of next year.

Finally, it should be noted that T-Mobile claims that its partnership will not require a special satellite-enabled phone, adding that “ the vast majority of smartphones » already on the market should be compatible with the service thanks to the device’s existing radio. It can therefore be expected that other operators will offer this service in the future. We also know that Android 14 was supposed to be the first version to make smartphones compatible with satellite connectivity.

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